Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Directed: Gore Verbinski
Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley

Everyone goes to bring back Jack Sparrow from the dead and have a mighty battle between pirates and everyone else.

While I thought the first two movies were tons of fun and perfect summer movies, this one was so convoluted that it takes away from the fun of the movie. It seems that the lack of plots in the first two movie ended up crammed into this one. I don’t know if the makers thought the movie needed to be bigger and better since it was the third one in the trilogy, but it ends up being too much.

First, the group has to bring Jack back from the dead because they need to call all the pirate lords together to fight off the East Indian Trading Company that is killing off all pirates. They need a key that all the pirate lords have and Jack didn’t pass his off to anyone before dying. Barbossa knows a way to bring a creature that can fight Beckett and his men, but he needs all the keys from the pirate lords to do it.

Second, we learn more about Davy Jones’ love that was briefly mentioned in the second movie. The lovers want to be reunited, but maybe not. It is a storyline that was explained from the second movie, but it isn’t a storyline that I really needed explained. It could have been cut out or shortened greatly to keep the overlong movie from getting out of control.

Thirdly, there is the storyline of Will Turner who is trying to free his father from being under the control of Davy Jones. This could have been the major plot of the movie along with the pirate lords fighting the British at the end and I think I would have enjoyed the movie more. This plot line was displayed like a random subplot that actually wasn’t even shown for two thirds of the way into it. Especially with the way the movie ends, it seems like it should have been given more air time.

Finally, Will Turner and Elizabeth have a rocky relationship that finally gets made up by the end of the movie. These two have no chemistry. I think they once did in earlier films, but it seems to have faded. Orlando Bloom did look very hot in all black pirate gear at the end of the movie. Too bad he wasn’t wearing that for more of the movie.

Jack seems to be having an entertaining time in undead land, which is amusing and funny, but also stops the movie in its tracks. Whatever forward momentum the movie the movie has comes to a halt when one of Jack’s “other” Jacks starts having a conversation with him or each other. It is just a joke that goes on too long for an already long movie. Jack Sparrow is still the best part of the movie though. When he’s actually interacting with others (and not his other Jacks), I really enjoy the movie the most.

There is one random scene with Keith Richards playing Jack Sparrow’s father, but it isn’t clear that it is his father. I knew he would be playing his father, but for my parents and Jer who didn’t know, they kept asking if he was his father. Once we figured out he was, the scene was over. It was more distracting than anything else.

If the movie had been edited a bit more, or had a more concise storyline, it could have been as entertaining as the first two. The fight scenes were still exciting and enjoyable, but they couldn’t save the entire movie.

Rating: C+

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