The Fountain


Traveling through three time periods–1500, 2000 and 2500 to cover the themes of life, love and death.

This movie is a mess. When it began, I thought we had started watching it in the middle. Sometimes movies start out in the middle or the end of a story, but go back to explain it. The entire movie felt like the middle of the movie with no beginning or end.


The middle of the movie would be the near present where a doctor’s wife has brain cancer. He isn’t dealing with her dying well while she has decided to write a book about a Spanish conquistador searching for the Fountain of Youth for the queen of Spain. Rachel Weisz is the wife and the queen. Hugh Jackman is the doctor and the conquistador. There is also a future part where it seems that Weisz is a tree of life while Hugh Jackman is living in a bubble.

The future part annoys me the most. It could be that I don’t know what’s going on or it could be that I kept falling asleep during the movie which happened to be during the future parts. The overall theme seems to be that people in love should enjoy their times together instead of looking for ways to extend life and missing out on enjoying what they have now. The wife seems to get that while the husband never does, not even in the end. Sucks to be him!

Rating: D

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