Ghost Rider!


Dear Ghost Rider,

You are a super fun movie because you have motorcycles and flames and Nic Cage. 

I also like you because you were starting at a good time when Melissa and I wanted to see a movie when she was visiting from Denver. So go you!

Your bad guys were kinda silly – what was up with the one guy always having his head cocked to the side?

Good use of the dad/son relationship angst to drive the story!

One thing that I will copy from you is drinking jelly beans out of a martini glass – that was super funny.

People should see you if they just want a fun adventure movie while they enjoy some popcorn and cherry coke.  I hope you make a lot of friends, but be aware that these will be shallow relationships, no one is going to ask you to be best man at the wedding.

Flame on!


ps when you are done with the motorcycle of flames, please give to me, thanks!

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