New Show Roundup

New Show Roundup

I watched new shows that premiered last week.

Andy Barker, P.I.
Channel: NBC
Day/Time: Thursday, 9:30/8:30c

This show is taking place of 30 Rock temporarily, which makes me sad, but I’m glad it was funny. It was a slow start, but it has promise. It mostly made me miss Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Arrested Development (his video clerk buddy is Buster). What I have seen from previews, there are lots of funny stuff coming up. I read that the deadpan lady in the first episode becomes his assistant and I think she was the best part of the pilot.

October Road
Channel: ABC
Day/Time: Thursday, 10/9c

Horrible! I was forcing myself to watch the entire episode when I decided that I should quit torturing myself. I turned it off 3/4 of the way through. Everyone in the show sounded like they were in a critical reading class. They all talked in psychobabble, which is highly annoying. When Hannah (the girl left behind), talks to the author guy that left her and wrote a story about their home town, she recites a passage about herself word for word. Stupid! Then, a college girl asks author guy a question, and she sound like she is part of a book discussion group talking about the book’s “plot contrivance”. What really nailed it for me was when the 10-year-old kid makes a comment about “disengaging [himself] from conversation” between his mom and author guy. That’s when I turned it off. Ugg! On a side note, I have come to learn that Laura Prepon can’t act. I always thought she was awkward on That 70’s Show, and I really believe it is just bad acting.

Channel: NBC
Day/Time: Thursday, 10/9c

Jeff Goldblum is okay in very small doses. For those that hate him, I can give you some reassurance that it is good in large doses too, on this show. He is fairly calm in his cop character and not so much “Jeff Goldblum”. He does see dead people like Rescue Me. They are the people that have died. He just lost his partner, so it is almost like he’s talking to the dead people instead of a partner to figure things out in cases. I found it entertaining. I did think one part was dumb. He solved a case of a young girl and takes a mixed CD she made to play it in his car. He starts to cry. That was unbelievable and came completely out of nowhere, but I decided to ignore that scene, since the rest of it seemed interesting.

The Riches
Channel: FX
Day/Time: Monday, 10/9c

The show was darker than I thought it would be. I thought it would be a light-hearted story about gypsies impersonating rich people, but there is some drama going on here. Minnie Driver is the mother that just got out of jail on probation and is a junkie. This is supposedly a secret, but her daughter knows her secret. The whole family leaves the gypsy camp after one of the leaders wants to marry off the daughter to another family and Eddie Izzard (dad of the family) is having none of it. I previously thought they found the dead people they end up impersonating, but while watching the pilot, I learned they are the cause of their car crash. Oops! I’m not completely sure what to think yet, but I’m intrigued enough to continue watching to see if I like it or not.


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