Sasha Baron Cohen (Da Ali G Show) plays Kazahkstan TV reporter, Borat who comes to America and manages to offend almost everyone.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Da Ali G Show. I had seen episodes here and there. Sometimes it was funny and other times, it just makes you smirk because you couldn’t believe the stuff he would get politicians to say or admit. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, except for the times that Borat was on. Watching a guy get away with saying extremely offensive things because people think he doesn’t know any better being from another country was entertaining. This is why this movie works.


The “plot” has to do with Borat making a news reports from America for his country back home. While in New York, he discovers Pamela Anderson and makes a road trip to California to find her. On the way, he stops in some of the scariest parts of middle America where he gets people to share their bigoted views on Muslims, Jews, slavery, women, and anyone different than them. People open up to him since they don’t think he really understands or they are going to “teach” him how Americans really think, which is truly scary. Many people in the movie tried to sue Cohen after the movie came out since they really didn’t think it would be a major motion picture, but just shown in his home country. I love that they want to sue for their own stupid thoughts being shown to everyone who watches it.

Beyond the social commentary, the movie is hilarious. Borat has catch phrases, such as “sexytime” and “romance explosion”, and other comments that are offensive, but bring out other people’s similar scary true feelings to his jokes. I spent a good part of the movie with my hand over my mouth, not believing what he just said or did, but also laughing out loud at what he just said or did. My favorite scene involves screaming children running away from an ice cream truck where a bear just stuck out its head. It has to be seen to see what leads up to it, but it is well worth it.

Rating: A-

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