Children Of Men

Children Of Men

Children of Men
Directed: Alfonso Cuaron

In the near future, women are infertile and the youngest person on Earth died at age 18. Clive Owen becomes an activist at the request of his ex-wife Julianne Moore, the leader of an underground group.

Wow! This movie is intense. I didn't expect it to be. It is a science fiction story set in the not very distant future where something has happened to make all the women in the world infertile. It isn't clear what exactly happened since no one seems to know if it is pollution or something else. It has caused rioting and destruction in almost all countries. England has cut itself off from the rest of the world and maintained some kind of structure. It has turned itself into a military state where all foreigners are routinely shipped out of the country. It is scary all around and very believable.

The direction helps the movie become really intense and in your face. There is a scene where a bunch of people are in a car heading into the country. A bunch of rebels come running out of the forest and attack the car. The point of view is from inside the car, watching the people come running down the hills out of the forest. It is a terrifying sight. It would not have been as powerful if it was shot farther away.

Another part of the movie deals with running through a war-torn part of a city near the barrier wall with rebels and military fighting with each other constantly. Clive Owen is running to find a pregnant woman that the rebels have taken. There is a long camera take with no cuts. It is right in the middle of the action too. It is very impressive.

All of this intensity builds up to a scene where a baby is being carried, which no one has seen in at least 18 years. All shooting stops and everyone stares. It is very emotional.

All the acting is good, but I believe it is the direction that sticks with you the most. It isn't he most uplifting movie, but there are glimmers of hope. I did like feeling like I was in the middle of all the action. Being so up close makes the movie float around your mind longer. The movie's ending leaves a lot of things open, which would have been nice to know what happens, but it isn't an unsatisfying ending.

Rating: A

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