February Love Song: The Stills

Here’s your next love song!


Artist: The Stills
Song: Still in Love Song
Album: Logic Will Break Your Heart

It is a lovely little ditty about a delusional girl who is loved by a guy until he finally wakes up and realizes she is a waste of his time. 🙂

Still In Love Song

We were lovers, we were kissers
We were holders of hands; we were make-believers just losing time
You said you’d rather live in T.V. land and then say that you can but you don’t
that’s heartless and I will not cry

But I’m still in love
And I’m still in love… [3x]

you’re dreams of acting on screen. What do they mean?
You’ll be dancing senseless in your bedroom and
You find yourself out of a job and before too long
You’ll be selling lemonade to the overpaid

And I’m still in love… [5x]

I remember it was summer; I was out of my head but you would
you’re selfish and a waste of space

But I’m still in love
And I’m still in love… [6x]


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