Clerks 2

Directed: Kevin Smith

Ten years after working in a convenience store, Dante and Randal are now working at a fast-food chain restaurant, still pissing off customers while contemplating their futures.

I was wary about this movie ever since I heard that it was being made. I loved the first movie. I really didn’t think there needed to be a sequel. Now that I have watched this movie, I’m sorry to say that my beliefs came true. This movie did not need to be made.

The basic storyline for the first Clerks was Dante trying to figure out what to do with his life while working in a dead-end job at a convenience store while his best friend Randal was happy living in the moment and working as little as possible. The storyline for Clerks II has Dante and Randal working at a fast-food joint with Dante wondering what he wants to do with his life, even with the option of marrying some girl and moving away to work at a car wash her father owns. Randal is happy just working with his best friend and not really doing anything else in his life. it’s the same movie. Randal even comments about Randal being in the same place as he was ten years ago, but that doesn’t really let the movie slide by mentioning that it’s basically the same movie.

Even though the basic premise is the same, this movie is so incredibly subpar compared to Clerks. Yes, that movie was juvenile, but it was actually funny. For the first thirty minutes of the movie, I felt like it was trying to hard to be edgy and to show that Kevin Smith still knows how to make a movie like Clerks. He doesn’t. He should have left it alone. Rosario Dawson was made to say lines that I completely didn’t buy her saying. I also didn’t buy her being interested in Dante whatsoever.

The only thing I did enjoy about the movie was the crazy jesus freak kid. He cracked me up, and actually made me enjoy the movie for a while, until the donkey scene. That scene was way too much and went over the line for me. It was just ick. I never want to watch the movie again because of that scene. It went on for way too long.

I wish the original movie would have been left alone and I never had to think about how Kevin Smith can’t make a decent movie any longer. it’s very sad. 🙁

Grade: D

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