Just Friends

Just Friends

Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds was a fat kid in high school stuck in the friend zone with Amy Smart. Ten years later, he comes back home, a skinnier successful music executive and tries to be more than friends.

Jer was watching this on cable when I came home from work. I think I missed the first 15-20 minutes or so, but I did get to see the major humiliation scene while he was a fat high school kid. Then I had to go take a shower so I missed another 15-20 minutes, but with this movie, if you miss any part of it, you will not miss any plot points. It is very predictable. You know he will win the girl over in the end, after he is no longer fat, as long as he keeps his sweet attitude he had when he was fat.

What you watch is all the bumbling that happens on the way to that moment. I didn’t have any intention of ever watching this movie, so I had the lowest expectations possible for it. I actually laughed a lot more than I thought I would. Most of the laughing was because of Anna Faris, who plays the pop music star who wants to be taken seriously as an artist. Chris (former fat guy) dated her once (during the part that I missed), and has concluded that she is psycho, but his record company wants him to nurture her so they can turn her into a big star. He can’t say no to her craziness, even when it gets them stranded in his hometown of New Jersey. She thinks they are dating. He wants to get away from her, so he pawns her off on his 18-year-old brother who loves crazy lady. Then Chris goes off in search of Jamie (high school best friend crush).

I couldn’t tell you the funny parts of the movie because I don’t remember them and I watched it three days ago. It is that forgettable, but was still entertaining while watching it. I just remember thinking that Ana Faris’s character could have been very annoying, but I found her hilarious in her psycho-ness.

If you are in the mood for some mindless comedy that just came on while switching channels, I would recommend it. You just have to have the lowest expectations about the movie as possible to enjoy it.

Grade: B-

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