The Skeleton Key



Kate Hudson is a hospice worker at a plantation in Louisiana where the old house and the guy she is taking care of is spooky.

Movies that take place in New Orleans or on any Louisiana plantation that usually involve some kind of voodoo are good spooky movies to watch. I really thought this movie might be good for some scares, but didn’t expect too much out of it.


I didn’t jump as much as I thought I would. It did have a spooky atmosphere and the house had a lot of possibilities to be creepy, but maybe I was too distracted by Kate Hudson’s nurse thinking it was appropriate to show up to a job interview in a black tank top and flip flops. Very professional.

The story line was interesting. I liked how it played out. I laughed at the ending since I thought it was a pretty good one. It doesn’t really end well for Kate Hudson’s character, but if you don’t really care about her, and I didn’t care, then it is fabulous!

Grade: B-


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