Amazing Race: Temper Temper!

I Wonder If This Is Going to Make My Fingers Pickle
October 29, 2006


So many tempers on this race. I think the only team that kept their cool was the Cho brothers. The models were even snapping at each other on the island and they have been so nice to each other this entire time. I was trying to tell the model guys that they should stay away from the island detour since they get lost all the time, but they went ahead and got lost. They did manage to make it to the pit stop in second place.

I laughed at everyone that fell into the pit near the sails. I actually expected people to get angry or someone to get hurt from that, but everyone just laughed it off.

Back to the tempers though! I now go back on saying I like the single mothers. Actually, I do like Lyn. I don’t like Karlyn. She is mean and spends too much time arguing. Yes, what the beauty queens did with the tickets was rude, but I think she spent more time arguing about it with the beauty queens and models than actually getting the tickets. She just needed to see if there were four tickets left. If so, then it didn’t matter. She lets the beauty queens get her so worked up. It’s going to kill her. She does not deal well with being tired, which is what I’m guessing is leading to her constant grumpiness. I think that’s why we saw a lot of people grumpy this episode. The race is wearing them out.

She also was ready to ditch all the other teams when Lyn said that she wondered where the other teams were as a courtesy. I don’t think having an alliance this far into the game is smart for any team, but she needs to tell the other teams before they start the race that they are on their own. What Karlyn does is lets them think she is going to help them, take their help, but is ready to ditch them when she has the chance. Cho and Kentucky waited for the single moms again and again.

I am so glad that the Cho brothers decided to race to the mat. All of the alliance teams needs to say that their alliance is done, but it doesn’t look that way. Kentucky are going to lose waiting for the other teams when they are in the rare chance of being ahead of them. I really don’t think they will make it the next round, unless there is a fast forward again. They are pretty lucky with the non-elimination twice.

Rob & Kimberly were back in fine form! I can’t believe he killed the clutch and freaked out so much. Why didn’t he just push the car since it was in neutral, instead of wandering around in the road telling people to go around when there was no room to go around? It seemed only locals could figure that out for him and push his car off the road. Then Rob goes back to being annoyed by being in a foreign country and people not understanding him. Uggg. They need to leave. I laughed at Kimberly’s rudeness when she didn’t see Rob fall and just yelled at him “What are you doing?” when he was so far behind. haha! She is so awful.

I am not thrilled with the beauty queens. All I see is horse teeth and short shorts. They are super mean and I really hope payback comes to them soon.

Next week looks interesting with the “intersection”. I wonder what that is about.

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