Amazing Race: Bye Peter!

Maybe Steven Segal Will See Me and Want Me to Be in One of His Movies!
October 22, 2006

Kuwait City, Kuwait

I was thrilled to see Peter go! I was glad they were eternally lost in Kuwait City and when they thought they had finally found the detour, they had actually found the fast forward. Ha! Peter’s face was priceless when Sarah was saying everything that bugged her about him during the race. He tried to play it all off as they just aren’t a good match, which I agree, but didn’t say anything specifically about himself or Sarah. He just blamed everything on both of them. Sarah just blamed Peter. I found that funny. It did seem that Sarah couldn’t read the map. Why it took them so long to figure that out, I don’t know.

I was very worried for the Cho brothers when they gave the fast forward away to David and Mary. I thought the fast forward could have been a little tougher. That seemed fairly easy. If they are only going to have two a season (I still liked it when it was on every leg), then they should be pretty tough so it isn’t just an easy way to get to the front. You have to actually earn it. It was good to see David and Mary make it to the pit stop first, and the Cho brothers to not get eliminated due to their good deed.

I was also worried that the single mothers would be eliminated. I have grown to like them, even though I think they try to blame others for their bad luck or things that aren’t really the other group’s fault. I thought they went too far when they tried to get the local to not talk to the beauty queens. Don’t waste so much time making sure they don’t talk to them, just go! They were funny with the camels. I was hoping more teams did the camel detour, since the camels cracked me up. They are so ornery.

I really thought the models were going to be last since they seemed so lost too. They did have the good luck of Sarah and Peter being worse at directions. They were also funny with the camels.

I am ready for Rob & Kimberly and the beauty queens to go. As much as it would be awesome for an all-female team to finally win the Amazing Race, I don’t like those girls. I don’t like the way they play. It isn’t cheating, but it seems dirty. I would much rather have the single mothers win.

Right now though, I have changed my mind to the Cho brothers being my favorite team.


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