Lost: Hunter Locke

Further Instructions
October 18, 2006

It was a Locke-centric episode with an interesting flashback sequence. We get to see Locke in some hippie commune, which I knew wouldn’t end well. When all the fertilizer was going into the greenhouse, I was with the undercover cop. I thought it was for making a bomb. When Locke laughed, I thought, maybe it is pot. I guess I was right on the second guess. 🙂

I did enjoy this episode a lot. I liked the weird surreal nature of it with Locke losing his voice briefly, Desmond losing his clothes, the sweat lodge and the return of the polar bear. I also was glad there was humor in this episode. I really like the humor to break up all the seriousness or craziness that happens on the island.

I loved how Desmond just came up on Hurley and how Hurley changed his mind after seeing Desmond in the buff, “I’m not alone. I’m not alone!” Haha! I also liked how Hurley’s shirt covered almost all of Desmond. Charlie was pretty funny too. I now can’t remember what he said, but I remembered laughing when he was following Locke to the polar bear cave. Maybe he didn’t say something funny, but just gave a funny look when Locke commented about how he shouldn’t be following him.

Oh, what was that thing that launched out at Locke at the end of the sweat lodge vision? Was it the island monster? It was freaky for the split second it was on screen.

I’m not convinced that Desmond can predict the future or time travel or anything like that. I was wondering if he had a dream about Locke giving a speech. I was actually expecting him to say something like that when he just blew it off when Hurley didn’t know what he was talking about. Maybe how he knew is what led to his clothes disappear. It’s the cost of knowing the future!


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