Amazing Race: Tears & Assholes

Episode 4 – Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Sunday, October 8

Amy summed up the episode after she watched it on Sunday. Now that I have finished watching it, I agree. It was full of tears and assholes. Tears came from the beauty queens and T&T. The assholes came from Rob, Kimberly, and Peter. Going into this episode, I knew that I didn’t like Rob & Kimberly. They were the team that I laughed at when bad things happened to them since they are both so awful.

Before this episode, I started to have my doubts about Peter, but after this episode, he has joined Rob & Kimberly in the asshole category. Wow! How any road block with the clue about using strength in the arms and legs would be given to Sarah over Peter is beyond me. I didn’t really like how when she was dragging herself across the rice paddy field, he ran ahead of her to the pit stop in the last episode. I see that was the beginning to his fabulous behavior. While Sarah is struggling to make it up the mountain, Peter is just lounging in the boat sipping his Coke. Of course, there isn’t much else to do, but other teammates were standing below shouting encouraging words. He looked like he could care less. Oh, he did shout that Sarah should spit on one of the model guys that was climbing up next to her. Rude! Then he complained that getting the baskets up out of the water and into the boat was too hard? I am proud that Sarah didn’t hit him on the head with one of the oars.

Even though I really disliked Peter this episode for how he was so selfish and treated Sarah like crap, Rob is an equal-opportunity jackass. He was pissed over and over again when the Vietnamese cab drivers didn’t understand what he is saying in English. He yelled at the guy for not understanding. Then he said, “I’m not going to take to any more foreigners.” Dude, that’s you! I approved of him no longer talking, but that only lasted two seconds.

I cheered when Rob banged his head inside the cave. Instant karma! Rob & Kimberly did provide me with much laughter when they were trying to row their boat. I am so glad that there were subtitles for some of the conversations because I was laughing so much at them trying to move the boat. Actually, all the team provided much entertainment there. I didn’t realize rowing was so hard. I have rowed a boat before. You just have to get the rhythm down. It takes a little bit to get it at the beginning, but saves a whole lot of heart ache rather than yelling at the other person.

I think my favorite quote was from the Cho brothers when one of them yelled at the other one about how it was turning because of what he was doing, so what he was doing was wrong. The other one yelled to shut up. That’s what I love about the show. The bickering between loved ones. Haha!

After being annoyed with Tom and Terry, (or as Jer called them Tom & Jerry), I actually was growing to like them. I wouldn’t have minded it, if they would have continued on and the beauty queens would have left. I did like that the beauty queens stole someone else’s boat, one of them cut her leg, and they are now in last place. Also, how hard is it to read a clue? It’s the only important thing on the race besides their passports. Keep track of it!

Finally, I have to agree with Amy. She said that the Kentucky team were her favorite, but they scared me. They are my favorite now too. They are seeing so many new things, but they are open to all of it. I think that’s the best attitude to have in the game, so that’s why they are my favorites.


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2 thoughts on “Amazing Race: Tears & Assholes

  • October 10, 2006 at 9:36 pm

    Well my job is done here with my awesome summary skillz! That’s skillz with a Z kids, that’s how you know how mega awesome I am.

    I will also say that Peter is a huge jerk and I am amazed that Sarah’s bionic foot hasn’t ended up in his ass, because that is what I would do! I bet if she had a spare she would do it. Too bad this is all already filmed, otherwise I would fed-ex her one.

    Rob and Kimberly crack me up – they get so angry and yelly, it is amazing!

    The Kentucky couple are my favorite, but I don’t know if they will win.
    I also like the brothers a lot. The yelling part that Voompa mentions was so funny, it made me think of my sister and I.

    The models are okay, I would not be surprised if they win. I was surprised to learn they are ex junkies, I must have missed that somehow.

    The beauty queens would do better if they would actually try to be organized and think for one second. “No blame game!” I will tell people that now when I mess up and they call me on it.

    I also thought that having to listen to the next clue was very sneaky! Especially in Vietnamese! I was reading the subtitles and trying to listen and I still would not have been able to pronounce the names for a cab driver!

  • October 10, 2006 at 10:45 pm

    Oh yes, the “blame game”. Such an awesome excuse if you are caught doing something stupid. “Did you lose the clue?” “Let’s not play the blame game.” Dorks! I actually liked the beauty queens until that point.

    I loved that they had to listen to the clue instead of just read it. I like that they are making things harder this season. The poor cab drivers getting dragged over to the spot to listen to where they needed to go. They must have thought they were all insane.

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