In a small town of Jericho, Kansas what appears to be a nuclear explosion isolates the city from the outside world where they don t know what still exists or if anyone outside of town knows they are still alive. Stars Skeet Ulrich.



Wednesday 8/7c on CBS

Jericho sounded like a downer of a show and I really wasn’t sure it would last after watching Skeet Ulrich in another downer show, Miracles, a few years ago. I did like Miracles, but thought Jericho would suffer the same fate of disappearing soon after premiering since no one else liked it. Honestly, the only reason I set it up on TiVo was because I had nothing else set up to watch at 8pm on Wednesday.

I’m glad I did. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It started out a bit slow, but there were some creepy elements that I enjoyed. The town saw an explosion that they assumed happened in Denver. They lost all radio contact outside their town so they had no idea if it was isolated or not. One creepy moment was some kid getting an answering machine message from his mom who was in the blast so she dies mid-message. We find out that she was in Atlanta though, not Denver. That freaks out people in town.

Other creepy spots are sheriffs looking for a school bus full of children that is late back from its field trip. It turns out the bus ran off the road when it hit a deer at the same time as the explosion. The bus driver is dead, but Skeet shows up to help, since he crashed nearby while trying to leave town. The sheriff finds another bus, but it turns out not to be the school bus, but a prison bus. When he realizes it, it is too late and one of the prisoners has shot him.

The final creepy moment was the last scene of the opener where one girl was leaving town to pick up her fiance at the closest airport (Denver?) when she stops in the road because there are tons of dead birds everywhere.

The second episode centers around the radiation not being in Jericho, but there is a storm coming from Denver and the rain would bring radiation. Half the town is in one shelter while the other half has to trapped themselves in a salt mine since the other shelter was not kept up and has no ventilation.

Even though it deals with end of the world stuff, it isn’t a downer of a show. Skeet isn’t too exciting of a main character, but other characters are engaging, and the situations are what are keeping me interested at this point.

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