Ray Liotta leads a team of thieves (Simon Baker, Amy Smart, Jonny Lee Miller) pulling off major heists before going back to his average life with his wife, Virginia Madsen, and kids.


What I read from critics was that they weren’t sure audiences were going to be interested in watching a bunch of thieves and killers as the central part of the show. That might be true, but I thought it was fun to watch! I do like heist shows like Hustle, so I had to check it out. The pilot was very flashy, but really drew you into the characters in a short period of time.

Bobby Stevens is the mastermind with a life as a Midwest sales guy for cups or something and a homelife with two young kids and his wife, Virginia Madsen. She seem suspicious of his business trips, but hasn’t said anything to him yet. She also seems to have a drug past since she has to go visit her parole officer toward the end of the show. Bobby has an entire other life when he is running the various jobs. He has another house, cash, IDs, credit cards, etc. that he can use to pull off these elaborate jobs. Of course, he wants to quit soon, but since the series just started, I doubt that will happen.

So far my favorite part was when Jeff was surfing and came up on the beach and started talking to two guys. They said that he wasn’t welcome around there and he was on private property. He said he didn’t see any signs. The guys said he wasn’t welcome. He apologized and went on his way. Back at his jeep, parked off the beach a bit, he whistled away, while he pulled out a scope rifle and shot both the guys. Don’t be mean to him! I laughed and knew I would like this show.

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