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Senator Collin’s wife, Sara, vanishes during a social function. The FBI is brought in to handle it and evidence leads to a bunch of secrets that everyone is carrying.

I have tried to like this show. I didn’t have high hopes for it, but thought I’d watch it until the other new shows started for the season. If it was interesting, I’d continue to watch it. It is a serialized show, which I do like. I like cliffhangers and continuing storylines. I have no problem with it since I usually watch all episodes of a show anyway instead of catching it when I can.


I liked the puzzles and mysteries presented in the first couple of episodes. Those kept me intrigued, even when some of the characters loved to overact, including Gale Harold and Ming-Na. I saw Gale Harold act briefly in Deadwood recently when he played Wyatt Earp and he could act there. I have seen Ming-Na act in The Joy Luck Club and ER so I know she can too. Why both of them are overacting like a bunch of newbies, I don’t know. When Harold’s Agent Kelton threatens one guy, I tried not to laugh. When Ming-Na’s Agent Mei tried to act tough, I also held back the giggling. They just aren’t believable. It could be the horrible writing. The dialogue is pretty lame and generic.

Then there is Penelope Ann Miller as Senator Collins’ ex-wife. She struts around with a smirk on her face the entire time. I can’t tell if she has a secret or if she is perpetually drunk. I don’t believe her character is supposed to be an alcoholic, so it might be the actress. She wasn’t very subtle when she was portrayed from the beginning as someone you can’t trust and could possibly be evil. I rolled my eyes.

Other than those winners, I like Rebecca Gayheart’s reporter character. She’s actually trying to follow something interesting–Sara was pretending (or thought she was) someone else for four months, twelve years ago. Also, she has not lost the art of acting.

Then there are the senator’s kids. The son just sorts of frets and hasn’t done much so I don’t have much to say about him. His daughter, Marcy, is highly annoying. She whines when she isn’t with her boyfriend Ben, who is also annoying. I was hoping he would die, but it hasn’t happened. He seems to actually be innocent of things he has been accused, which is just too bad for all of us.

The puzzles and mysteries that I mentioned in the first couple of episodes have died out a bit. There isn’t as much to interest me in the last couple of episodes that used to interest me. I have been forcing myself to watch the episode from this past Monday, yet I haven’t made it through it yet. I have watch parts of it at three separate periods, but get bored and turn it off to finish it later. I think that’s a sign that I’m losing interest. As more new shows premiere, I’ll probably end up ignoring it and deleting it off the TiVo later.


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One thought on “Vanished

  • September 26, 2006 at 8:27 pm

    After writing this, I still couldn’t make myself get through the rest of the episode I was watching. I didn’t even care that they had video feed proof that the senator’s wife was still alive. I deleted it and the season pass off of TiVo. I’m done with this show!

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