Returning NBC Shows

Returning Drama

Crossing Jordan

Premieres: Friday, October 20
Time: 8/7c

Last season: After deciding it was bad timing for Jordan and Woody…again, they decide to be friends. Lilly almost marry’s D.A. Jeffery, but leaves him at the altar when Bug confesses his love for her…again. Jordan wakes up in bed with ex Pollack who is dead, she’s holding a gun, covered in blood, and remembers nothing, so she runs off.

This season:
Jordan’s name is cleared, but tons of rules are broken and there are consequences. Jordan also goes back to her old rule-breaking ways, and the love triangle between Jordan, Woody and Lu is toned down. One of the major characters dies early on in the season. A new special prosecutor and medical examiner join the cast.


Premieres: Thursday, September 21
Time: 10/9c

Last season: Abby and Luka hooked up again, and she ended up pregnant. Neela and Ray flirted, so she moved out after she married Gallant, but ended up widowed when he was killed after volunteering to return to Iraq. Pratt was sent to Africa to hang out with Carter and learn some humility. Sam’s ex-husband faked an illness to get into the hospital, and with two helpers, escaped prison, taking Sam and their son Alex as hostages, leaving Abby wounded and going into labor, Jerry in critical condition, and Luka paralyzed.

This season: John Stamos returns as the paramedic character that showed up in two episodes last season and flirted with Neela. He’s a series regular now and still has eyes for Neela. Of course, so does Ray. A major character dies. Other newbies join the cast as doctors, interns and nurses.

Las Vegas

Premieres: Friday, October 20
Time: 9/8c

Last season: Delinda ran away from her wedding and right into Danny’s arms. Ed was shot.

This season: Ed may or may not die. Sam and Mike take off to Hawaii in the first few episodes to following a high roller with major debts. Another crossover with Crossing Jordan is in the works.

Law & Order

Premieres: Friday, September 22
Time: 10/9c

Last season: Fairly new ADA Borgia was found murdered in a car trunk. Detective Fontana decided to retire.

This season: Alana De La Garza (Marisol from CSI:Miami) will be the new ADA. For the first time, there will be a female detective on the show, Milena Govich, playing Det. Nina Cassidy. The show will also focus on the personal lives of the characters more than it did in the past.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Premieres: Tuesday, September 19
Time: 9/8c

Last season: Annabella Scorria and Chris Noth joined as two detectives to help the Major Case Squad, with Chris Noth playing his formerly exiled cop from his old Law & Order days. Capt. Deakins stepped down due to allegations that he knew were false, but he couldn’t really fight.

This season: After the season ended, Courtney B. Vance (ADA Ron Carver) and Annabella Scorria left the show. Julianna Nicholson joins as Det. Megan Wheeler and Eric Bogosian will be the new Capt. Danny Ross. The new captain wants Eames to control Goren and his crazy behavior some, while Goren tries to figure out why he is the way he is from his old mentor, John Glover.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Tuesday, September 19
Time: 10/9c

Last season: After separating from his wife, Stabler managed to alienate Benson with his increasing rage. She decided to make a change of pace from SVU and work in computer crimes for a while.

This season: Benson will be in the first episode (filmed in January) before Mariska Hargitay is absent (under the pretense of working in the computer crimes department) for six episodes due to her maternity leave. Connie Nielsen will be Stabler’s temporary partner in the meantime, and there is some sexual tension between those two.

Returning Comedy

My Name Is Earl

Premieres: Thursday, September 21
Time: 8/7c

Last season: Earl Hickey decided that he had to improve his karma and start righting all the wrongs he had done in his life.

This season:
The characters grow in slight ways, but still retain their personalities. Joy and Randy handle some voice overs during the season. Burt Reynolds guest stars as a strip club owner.

The Office

Premieres: Thursday, September 21
Time: 8:30/7:30c

Last season: Michael finally managed to convince Jan to go on a date with him to the office’s Casino Night and managed to get a date with his real estate agent on the same night, so two dates for Michael! Pam finally set a date for her wedding, and after her wedding planning was driving Jim crazy, he applied to work at another branch. On the Casino Night, he took a chance to tell Pam how he felt and kissed her.

This season: We’ll find out what happens with Jim and Pam during the first episode. Ed Helms (The Daily Show) will be joining the cast for part of the season. Ricky Gervais (creator of the British original) will be writing an episode. Michael has to face the wrath of Jan after he picked his real estate agent as his date.

Returning Reality

The Biggest Loser

Premieres: Wednesday, September 20
Time: 8/7c

Last season: Matt was the biggest loser from fourteen contestants last year.

This season: It starts off with a contestant from each of the 50 states and is then whittled down to fourteen who get to stay on at the ranch with the trainers. The ones that don’t make will be followed home where viewers can monitor their progress at home online with the help of dietitians.

Deal or No Deal

Premieres: Monday, September 18
Time: 8/7c

Last season: The highest amount won last season was $464,000 where contestants try to pick the briefcase with the most money or take a deal from the “banker”.

This season: The biggest prize money will be raised to $6 million this season. It will start off four nights a week its first week, but will move to Mondays and Thursdays after that.

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