Returning CW Shows

Returning CW Shows

Well, returning shows from what was WB and UPN.

Returning Drama

7th Heaven

Premieres: Monday, September 25
Time: 8/7c

Last season: The show had its series finale and the news that three sets of twins were coming soon.

This season: The show was renewed after stellar ratings for the series finale and the hopes that an established show would help the brand-new CW network. The parents are back full-time, but most of the kids will only be around part-time. Haylie Duff joins as a regular cast member and her character enters the seminary.

Gilmore Girls

Tuesday, September 26
Time: 8/7c

Last season: After a huge fight, Luke and Lorelai broke off their engagement and she fell into bed with her ex, Christopher. Rory said goodbye to Logan who is heading off to work in London for a year after he graduated Yale.

This season: Luke finds out what happened with Lorelai and Christopher quickly and they go their separate ways. She lives with Christopher and Luke bonds with his daughter and her mother, Ava. Rory tries to deal with a long-distance relationship while attending Yale. Paris starts her own SAT-tutoring business. Richard Gilmore starts teaching at Yale and Emily will teach etiquette to young girls. Lane and Zach figured out their new life as newlyweds.

One Tree Hill

Premieres: Wednesday, September 27
Time: 9/8c

Last season: Coop and Rache’s limo went off a bridge. Nathan jumped in to save them. Lucas found out another girl was pregnant. Someone found out what Dan did to his dad when he found the word “murderer” painted on his wall.

This season: The “murderer” could be someone knowing what Dan did or his guilt playing tricks with his mind. His dad’s ghost haunts him. Peyton finds out she has a half-brother.


Premieres: Thursday, September 28
Time: 8/7c

Last season: Clark broke up with Lana after having a seeing her future of death if he stayed with her. She ran right into Lex’s arms, which is not what Clark intended. He battled Dr. Milton Fine, aka Braniac, who helped free Zod right into Lex’s body giving him superpowers of his own. Havoc was wrecked upon Smallville and Metropolis with Clark banished to the Phantom Zone. Martha and Lois were trapped on a flight going somewhere they didn’t know and no way to control it.

This season: Clark manages to get freed from the Phantom Zone, but lets out other baddies in the process. Billionaire Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, shows up and wants to form the Justice League with Clark. Clark isn’t interested in teaming up with anymore rich guys, especially ones that went to boarding school with Lex. Chloe’s one-time spring fling, Jimmy Olsen, shows up to work at the Daily Planet.


Thursday, September 28
Time: 9/8c

Last season: After Sam and Dean finally found their dad, and he found a gun that could kill the demon that killed the boy’s mother, Sam didn’t shoot his father to kill the demon that had embodied him. The demon got away and everyone got rammed by a huge semi that the demon was driving, leaving them all for dead.

This season: Everyone survives the accident. The guys find out about other hunters out there, including a place where hunters go to rest that is run by a mother and her daughter. Dean hits it off with the daughter who is around his age.

Veronica Mars

Premieres: Tuesday, October 3
Time: 9/8c

Last season: Veronica figured out Beaver was behind the school bus crash. She graduated high school and reunited with Logan. She was about to go on a graduation trip with her father, when he left her stranded at the airport after receiving a mysterious visit from Kendall, who had just shot Aaron Eckart shortly after he was acquitted of murdering Lilly Kane.

This season: Logan and Veronica are still hot and heavy. Veronica starts classes at Hearst College with buds Wallace and Mac. Mac and Sheriff Lamb become series regulars. There will be three shorter mysteries during the season instead of a season-long arc. The first one will be the serial rapist that was mentioned at the end of last season.

Returning Comedy

All of Us

Premieres: Sunday, October 1
Time: 7:30/6:30c

Last season: Tia tried to decide if she wanted to be married with Robert, when it would being so closely involved with his ex-wife, Neesee, especially after Neesee received a long-lost love letter Robert wrote to her four years ago before they divorce that made her reconsider her feelings for him.

This season: Neesee wants to get back together with Robert. Tia is caught in the middle. Their young son starts to go through puberty.

Everybody Hates Chris

Premieres: Sunday, October 1
Time: 7/6c

Last season: Chris tried to transfer school, which didn’t work. Julius wanted a day alone for Father’s Day, which did not go over well with Rochelle.

This season: Jason Alexander will guest star as Chris’s principal. Whoopi Goldberg will guest star as the grandmother of a girl Chris has a crush on in his building.


Premieres: Sunday, October 1
Time: 8/7c

Last season: Joan didn’t show up to Toni’s child custody hearing due to being hungover. Darnell ditched his wife to work for a NASCAR pit crew in Florida. William tried to convince Monica to get back together with him.

This season: Joan has been working for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. Toni is gone from the show since the actress will not be returning. William and Monica will get engaged.

Returning Reality

America’s Next Top Model

Premieres: Wednesday, September 20
Time: 8/7c

Last season: Danielle was declared the winner.

This season: The models will live in a mansion in the Brentwood neighborhood of L.A. Janice Dickinson will be back as a guest judge from time to time. Much drama and craziness is promised from everyone.

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