The Constant Gardener


Ralph Fiennes is a British diplomat on assignment in Africa when his radical pregnant wife is killed. He’s determined to find out why and uncovers conspiracies in the process.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this movie. I had heard good things about it, but I wasn’t sure if I would be in the right mood to watch it since I knew that the main plot had to do with figuring out why Ralph Fiennes’ wife was murdered.


You do not need to be in a certain mood to watch the movie. It is good, no matter what. First, it is beautiful. The colors in Africa are so vibrant, even when looking at the wasteland of one area where she was killed. It really should have been up for an Oscar for cinematography, but it wasn’t. Rachel Weisz did win Best Supporting Actress for her role in this movie. She was very good. She is in it briefly in the beginning, and then in flashbacks.

Ralph Fiennes is an English diplomat who really likes to mind his own business and is very quiet. Rachel Weisz is a very passionate and vocal activist for human rights. At first, you have no idea why they are together. This really helps since when she is killed, and Fiennes tries to figure out why she was killed, he starts questioning her love for him. Since you don’t know much about her, you question it too. As he learns more about what she was doing, and what she was keeping from him, you get to learn more about their relationship.

That’s what I really enjoyed about the movie. It is a thriller mostly, even though I thought it was going to be more about politics, which is why I thought I might be turned off by it. There are politics involved, but it mostly a love story, or really finding out the truth about the other person that you thought you knew, but now aren’t so sure about. Also, I highly recommend it, just to see the how the scenery in Africa was shot. It’s gorgeous.

Rating: A-


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