Full Frontal

Catherine Keener Full Frontal

From Steven Soderbergh going back to his roots of sex, lies and videotape with this “movie about movies for people who love movies”. Stars Julia Roberts and David Duchovny.

Shot on digital film for most of the movie, it ends up being more distracting than being put to good use. I’ve seen other movies shot on digital film and it works fine because I am not paying attention to how different it looks compared to conventional film. I really couldn’t get past it in this movie.


It starts by listing all the people, their occupation, and if they were invited to a party by a guy who ends up being David Duchovny’s character. I am confused right away since I thought that I read that Julia Robert’s character was an actress, but she seems to be a reporter. I don’t get it until about 20 minutes into the movie that she is acting as a reporter for a film with Blair Underwood. It goes back and forth between their “film” and them going on in between takes. The main thing is it is all boring. Why do we have to watch the film within a film when it isn’t even exciting? Once you figure out what is going on, you wonder why your time is wasted watching it.

Catherine Keener is a successful HR director who really hates her job and her life. She is having an affair. She berates her husband (David Hyde Pierce) and left him a note that she is leaving him, but hides the note under his newspaper so he doesn’t see it until after she leaves. Nice! She meets up with her massage therapist sister and berates her for her gift-giving skills. She actually complains about the gifts her sister gives her for her birthday since they aren’t “special” enough. She does convince her sister to actually dress up for the big party at the end of the night.

There is a bit of a shocker ending, but it only made me laugh while all the characters were super sad. I didn’t really care since I was still annoyed about watching the film within a film thing and having to wait until the very end of the movie to see David Duchovny. I actually tried to fall asleep while watching it since I was too lazy to just turn it off, but unfortunately stayed awake the entire time. When David Duchovny does show up, that’s when I laughed.

Rating: D


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