Prison Break

Prison Break

Channel: FOX
Date/Time: Monday, 8/7c

Season One review

Prison Break is an over-the-top, highly unbelievable caper of getting into prison to break out a brother on death row. The premise sounds stupid, but it is so much fun to watch. I was hooked from the pilot episode. Suspension of disbelief is required, but once that happens it is tense, gripping, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The first few episodes were almost like puzzles since the title of the episode had something to do with Michael getting some piece of the plan in place for the ultimate break out. Then came the episode with the prison riot, which had to be one of the most intense episodes I had ever seen. I really didn’t think a prison show on broadcast television could be so intense.

Then the show lost some momentum when it went on hiatus to make room for 24. I really think FOX should have found a place for it instead of putting it on hiatus in January. It was supposed to come back in May, but thankfully we only had to wait for March. We started watching it right when it came back. Before we would watch new episodes right after they aired, but after it returned we weren’t watching them as soon as we had before. There were a couple of sluggish episodes, like the flashback episode. I really think the back stories should have been slipped in the other episodes, not taken up an entire episode all on its own with no prison scenes. It brought the series to a halt.

We didn’t watch the last six episodes of the season until last week. Wow! All the tension leading up to the prison riot was nothing like the tension in the last two episodes when the actual prison break took place. Now I knew who made it out from the group of prisoners since I had read all the upcoming news for season two, yet I was still waving my arms around since it was so tense. I had to stop myself from fast-forwarding the TiVo just to see who made it out of prison alive and uncaught.

For second season, the prisoners will be on the run. I wonder if they can keep it up with all the prison guards and the creepy sheriff from Invasion joining the cast as a U.S. Marshall also chasing them, but I’ll trust them since the first season was super duper crazy. I really hope the tension can stay so intense since it was fun, tension.

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