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Premiere: Wednesday, September 20
Time: 8/7c

About: In a small town of Jericho, Kansas what appears to be a nuclear explosion isolates the city from the outside world where they don’t know what still exists or if anyone outside of town knows they are still alive. Stars Skeet Ulrich.

Buzz: Didn’t hook critics right away and some are skeptical that CBS will stick with it since it didn’t seem to put much faith in Threshold last season, a show it is compared to since they are both outside the crime procedural drama that CBS loves.


Premiere: Thursday, September 21
Time: 10/9c

About: James Woods is a high-profile defense attorney that feels guilty after his recently freed client kills his wife. He switches to the D.A.’s office to lead up a team of highly-inexperienced lawyers. Jeri Ryan also stars.

Buzz: James Woods is very commanding presence on the screen. Will audience want to watch another lawyer show, no matter how good the actor?


Premiere: Tuesday, September 19
Time: 10/9c

About: Ray Liotta leads a team of thieves (Simon Baker, Amy Smart, Jonny Lee Miller) pulling off major heists before going back to his average life with his wife, Virginia Madsen, and kids.

Buzz: Two heist dramas failed last year (Thief and Heist), so people might not be interested in the storyline. Critics are split on this one. Some think it is a well-made thriller with hints of tension on the home front. Others think that the characters are shallow and not sure why anyone would root for bad guys.

New Comedy

The Class

Monday, September 18
Time: 8/7c

Twenty-somethings that were in the same third-grade class get together and see how their lives are vastly different.

Buzz: Why a third-grade class? How random! Anyway, critics are divided. Some think it is stupid while others love the characters, once you get past the odd set-up. It also fits nicely with How I Met Your Mother, which it leads into.

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