Music From Another Room

Music From Another Room


Jude Law plays a romantic who believes he is meant to be with a certain woman, much to the dismay of her fiance.

I caught this one weekend morning when I was flipping through cable channels. I wasn’t really awake so I kept it on it since it had Jude Law in it. When his character, Danny, was five, he helped his dad deliver a baby when they were visiting friends. When he saw the girl, he decided he was going to marry her one day. Okay creepy kid!


He grows up in Italy and other places, but heads back to Los Angeles where he runs into the girl all grown up. Of course, he doesn’t know it is her right away, but is drawn to her. When he meets her family, he recognizes the mom and she remembers him. After that it turns completely predictable and it is completely sappy the entire time.

I watched the entire movie only because I was still slowly waking up or else I would have become bored and turned it off. Jude Law couldn’t save the sappiness and Gretchen Mol is so completely boring, I don’t know why anyone would be interested in her.

Grade: D

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