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At an English boarding school, a girl realizes she is a witch and while trying to deal with her newfound powers, the devil is trying to seduce her since he needs to procreate.

I love the supernatural shows, so I had to check this out. It is British so it is a bit subdued and the humor is pretty dry. The two-hour series premiere was really like watching a movie. It didn’t start in with the witch/supernatural stuff until the very end. It was setting up all the characters in the show and really introducing Cassie, the blonde girl. She is very insecure and longs after a blonde, curly-haired soccer player boy. Her roommate, Thelma, is a lesbian and wishes Cassie was too.

Cassie runs across an ancient artifact that looks like a vase. When she touches it, she has visions of a lady hanging from a tree and another lady being sacrificed in some kind of voodoo ritual. She starts investigating a portrait she sees around the school since it is one of the women from her visions. She finds out that lady was a McBain and a witch. She also reads some stories about Azareal being a fallen angel who needs sacrifices to stay pretty or else he turns into a super ugly creature thing with wings. Towards the end, he tricks Cassie into sacrificing Thelma.

That’s not the end for Thelma though! She’s a ghost that wanders around bugging Cassie, messes with her dreams (Cassie has a lot more lesbian dreams now), and loves that she can eat anything she wants. The biggest pain is that she is stuck wearing the clothes she had on when she died. The school thinks that Thelma killed herself, but Cassie knows the truth. She is now trying to figure out what exactly Azrael wants from her, while also finding out she has some witch powers. She can light some things on fire and move things with her mind. I’m not sure what else she can do, but that’ll probably come with time.

It moves back and forth from super serious drama with Azrael to goofy stuff, mostly from Thelma. Thelma has found out that Cassie is from the McBain family and fears that what happened in the past will happen to Cassie too. Oh, Cassie’s mother is also in an insane asylum because of Azrael tormenting her for years.

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