Cars (2006)


On the way to the prestigious Piston Cup Championship, a hotshot race car who cares only about winning learns about what is really important in life from the automotive inhabitants of a town along historic Route 66. (from Fandango.)

Owen Wilson supplies the voice to the selfish Lightening McQueen, the rookie race car who falls off his carrier truck and lands in Radiator Springs, CA and due to odd circumstances meets and befriends all the inhabitants of the town including an old/retired race car named Doc Hudson. (Basically a story about caring about more then ones self.) Paul Newman is the voice of Doc, Michael Keaton the voice of “the competition” – Chick and Richard Petty is the voice of “The King.”

Cute movie, great animation. There were times that I laughed out loud but a few times where I felt it drag. I looked this up on and found that they used some real race car drivers voices. (Not that you could really tell but it is cool they included them – like Darryl Waltrip, Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, JR and Mario Andretti – and others.) Larry the Cable Guy wasn’t the only one with funny lines. Although my sons (and I) laughed pretty hard when the version of “cow tipping” was tipping Tractors.

Not sure I did it justice, but the boys seem to like it well enough.

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