Wicker Park

Wicker Park


Josh Hartnett meets a girl who reminds him of an old girlfriend who went missing and he starts his search for her again.

When discovering the Postal Service a few years back, I downloaded their cover of Against All Odds. That’s when I realized it came from the soundtrack of this movie, but wasn’t available anywhere else. While flipping through cable the other day, this movie was about to start so I decided to watch it just to hear the song, even though I could listen to it any time I wanted.


I am not a Josh Hartnett fan. I think he’s stupid and I don’t get why people find him attractive. He’s engaged to some big tooth girl in the movie but doesn’t really want to get married to her since he’s still in love with some girl he dated two years ago when he lived in Chicago. He now lives in New York where he met big teeth. He is visiting Chicago when he thinks he sees his former girlfriend. Then there are weird ass flashbacks to how he met her, and he becomes obsessed with finding this woman that he is sure is his ex-girlfriend.

He runs into an old friend, Matthew Lilliard, who seems to be the only sane person in the movie, except I kept expecting him to put on the Scream mask and kill everyone. I think that would have improved the movie since it becomes more convoluted with the flashbacks, coincidences and the inability of anyone to actually own a cell phone. He has a cell phone in the beginning of the movie, but for some reason no one can get a hold of each other. There are all sorts of missed connections and I wanted to yell at everyone to quit being so stupid about getting a hold of each other. It seriously isn’t that hard, but he misses ex-girlfriend over and over again, while meeting some other girl with the same name and other stupid crap happens. I don’t want to give too much away in case anyone has the need to watch this movie.

Even though this movie declared itself dumb about 30 minutes into it, I continued to watch it, just to hear the song. I watched the entire movie and no song. I watched the credits, no song. I thought maybe I was crazy so I checked Amazon and it lists the song on the soundtrack. It didn’t even play for five seconds in the movie so why the hell is it on the soundtrack? There were other good songs on the soundtrack that I would have recognized that also weren’t played in the movie. This is a perfect example of why this movie is so incredibly lame.

After that, I went and played the song over and over again to try to erase the stupid movie from our minds. It made me quite angry with its lack of songs that I expected to hear. 😉

Grade: F

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