2006 Season Finales

2006 Season Finales

I thought I’d post what I thought of the season finales that I watched this past season and rate them from best to worst. Some shows I haven’t seen everything from this past season, so I’ll eventually see what happened to those shows this summer, but I think I watched the most important ones by now.

The Best

After a pretty uneven season, this episode was awesome. It answered tons of questions while not really giving away the overall mystery. It also asked a bunch more. I love the mystery of the island and didn’t mind not knowing everything in the first season finale. I did mind the sometimes boring episodes this season though. This episode was very satisfying and now I can’t wait for next season.

The Office
Whoa! This episode shocked me the most out of anything else this season. I thought Jim would be transferring and telling Pam that. I did not expect him to tell her he loved her. I did not expect them to kiss. Everything just threw me for a loop at the end of the episode. I loved it! Up until those points, it had the same wacky humor that I love about the show. Steve Carell wrote a great episode.

Veronica Mars
It wrapped everything up for the season-long mystery of who killed all the kids in the bus crash. I was nowhere close to guessing correctly who the evil genius was behind the entire plotline. I half bought the story since it almost came out of nowhere, but there were clues leading up to it. You would only notice them if you watched the entire season again knowing what to look for. I was most happy that Veronica and Logan got back together. Too bad it took all season. Let’s hope they are actually together for next season and that there is a next season. Yeah! Then maybe we’ll find out what is in her dad’s briefcase (Pulp Fiction glowing effect) and why he didn’t meet her at the airport.

It was a decent ending and wrap up to the series with flashbacks including good Francie. Too bad, not another scene with Will but we did get that earlier in the season. Syd and Vaughn were able to live happily ever after as well as Dixon and Marshall. Too bad for Syd’s dad, but he did go out in a spectacular way. I was pretty bored with Irina at that point, so I was glad she was finally dead. Yeah for Sloane’s torture forever and I’m glad that Sark survived so that he can show up for an Alias movie, if one is ever made.

Gibbs came out of a coma and didn’t know who he was or what had happened for the past 15 years. We were able to learn more about his past and what made him become an agent. We were able to see his mentor and learn where some Gibb-isms came from. Then he became pissed off at the governments decision to destroy innocent lives for the greater good and walked off the job. No Gibbs can’t leave! All signs point to Mark Harmon being around next season so he isn’t really gone. Thank god!

For a season that started out great, it did seem to run out of steam a bit at the end. I did totally fall for Jack’s trick with the bug plant on the pen. I really thought he was going to torture the president. I did love the look on Martha’s face when Logan was eventually taken into custody and figured out what happened. I liked the events that happened, but they did seem to drag out a bit too much over the two hours. I was wondering why we were wrapping up when there was 15 minutes left in the show, so I totally didn’t believe that there was a phone call from Kim for Jack in some random building. Hello! They would just patch her through to his cell phone like always. Dumb Jack. Now he’s taken hostage by the crazy Chinese that are still pissed off. I was wondering how long before they realized he was alive. Awesome ending to the season.

Middle of the Road

These weren’t horrible season finales, but nothing super spectacular happened or they were as consistent as the rest of the season.

Amazing Race
It was decent season and so much better than the family edition. For a while, I thought that maybe the dumb frat boys would win so I was glad they had a puzzle for everyone to figure out at the end. I’m glad with how it ended, but it was about as suspenseful Amazing Race is each week and the teams I really hated were already gone.

The season finale had little shockers like Jordan being pregnant again, which was funny, but most of the episode was just like another Scrubs episode. It was hilarious, but nothing super life changing going on. It could be that way since they didn’t know if they were going to get renewed, but they did. It also had the awesome subplot of the older gay men taking up residence on J.D.’s deck on his half-acre lot. Which led to him saying “Get off my porch ya queens!” and while drinking a appletini left on his deck saying to himself, “I didn’t know they liked straight drinks.” Awesome!

I guess the season finale had the cliffhanger of Brass hanging on for dear life with the gunshot wound, but it still didn’t seem all that urgent when people were solving two different cases. It just seemed like another episode. I didn’t like the ending with Grissom and Sara in bed together. I didn’t mind the innuendo between the two of them, but to just jump and show us that they are already dating/sleeping together/whatever. It seemed kinda cheap and dumb and didn’t fit in with the rest of the show. I like it when it only shows us glimpses of their real lives, but not too much. It doesn’t fit on this show. Or maybe I’d rather see Grissom with Catherine or Lady Heather over Sara.

Desperate Housewives
The season finale was better than most of the episodes for the second season. The second season sucked compared to the first. It got away from the humor that I loved about the first season. I wouldn’t even call it a comedy, but a drama. I was sad that Bree’s psycho son Andrew was not in the season finale since he became one of my favorite characters this season. Lynette made me sad when she was so sad at the hospital when she told her husband she had already let him go. I also loved Lynette yelling at the stupid one-night stand lady in the diner. That was awesome. I did not like one-night stand lady and it looks like she’ll be around next season. The actress was highly annoying moreso than the character. ick! I liked the flashbacks and the goofy ass hair in the flashbacks. I liked seeing the gardener again in the Gabi flashback. I didn’t like Mike and Susan getting their date ruined, but I’m curious about what is up with the dentist guy. I don’t like that another psycho (dentist guy) is interested in Bree. Didn’t we just do that with the pharmacy guy? Overall, I found the season finale decent, but not outstanding.

It was fun to watch Lex go super evil and then Clark was sent off into who knows where, but most of the episode felt like a major set up for next season. I love that Lana and Lex are together, but I want Lana to go all super evil too. That would be lots of fun. I didn’t buy the kiss between Clark and Chloe. I think I could have a few seasons ago, but now I think they are stuck in friends mode with no other chemistry going on. She used to have a wanting and longing when she looked at Clark, but when I see her try to look that way at Clark, I don’t buy it anymore. Their chemistry has changed. Now I see more of one building with Lois, which I guess makes sense for long-term things. Anyway, the episode wasn’t as exciting as I thought it was going to be, even though a lot of stuff happened. There wasn’t any real shockers except when Clark was sent off into space stuck in that glass thing.

The Worst

Gilmore Girls
I actually liked this season, even though I know it wasn’t a favorite among a lot of fans, but I hated the season finale. I actually hated Lorelai the last few episodes of the season since she wouldn’t just go yell at Luke about what she was feeling with his daughter and the non-marriage and instead avoided him like a school girl. WAT! It was annoying to watch and not like her character at all. I wasn’t thrilled with Rory not forgiving Logan, but then I can see how she might have wanted to forgive him, but was still hurt and angry over what happened. The whole accident helped clear all of that up so I thought that was good. I wasn’t super sad that he was really leaving, probably because I expect him to show up at some point next season. The Lorelai/Luke/kid storyline had turned from mildly annoying when it was introduced (mostly because I don’t like the actress playing Luke’s kid) to highly annoying due to the way Lorelai is acting. I do want Luke and Lorelai together, so I don’t get them having to be torn apart again and again as a plot line. Why she went to Christopher was just stupid. Bleah! It doesn’t make me miss that the creators of the show are not going to be around next season if they left this mess for the series.

Other shows that I watch, but haven’t watched the season finales yet for various reasons:

  • CSI:Miami and CSI:NY – we save up the other CSIs to watch over the summer when we can’t get our regular CSI fix.
  • Cold Case, Without a Trace, Close to Home, Numbers, Everybody Hates Chris, Medium, My Name is Earl, Invasion, Prison Break, ER, L&O: Criminal Intent, L&O: SVU, Crossing Jordan and Supernatural – have watched about half the seasons to almost all of it for most of these series, but will finish watching the rest of the season this summer
  • House and Charmed – didn’t have enough TVs to record these shows so had Tivo record episodes here and there. Will end up watching most of the past season this summer, but not sure if I’ll see all the episodes.
  • West Wing – We haven’t watched the past two seasons but still have all the episodes on Tivo. We’ll watch it all eventually.

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