Claire Danes is lonely when she meets bumbling Jason Schwartzman and starts to date him. She is then wooed with more wit and style by Steve Martin.

I watched this movie in Dallas since I was trying to pick a movie that I didn’t think Jer would want to watch. I think I did a good job since Jer will not want to watch this movie, ever. It was very odd.

Steve Martin wrote the story that the movie is based on and it seems kinda icky that he is starring in it as an older suave guy hitting on Claire Danes. I found that to be distracting.

The movie starts out with him doing a voice over, but not as his character. He was narrating from his book, which was the first odd thing to happen. First, why not have someone else narrate that isn’t in the movie since you aren’t speaking as your character? Second, the narration was pointless. It tells you that Claire Danes character just moved to L.A. from the Midwest and is lonely. You can tell that already by what they have shown you. She looks bored at work, goes home, works on some art, eats dinner, takes some antidepressants and goes to bed. Thankfully, the narration stopped there for a really long time.

She meets Jason Schwartzman who is the biggest loser in the world. He annoyed me greatly since he was socially retarded. He disappears for a good part of the movie from her life, even though the audience gets to see what he is up to. She meets Steve Martin during this period. Their relationship is just there. I really didn’t care if she stayed with him or not. I didn’t see what she saw in him other than he bought her presents all the time. Jason Schwartzman’s character improves greatly and I actually liked him at the end of the movie.

I liked the way it ended since it seemed to have finally found a point after meandering around for a while, seemingly wasting time. Then the voice over narration started again! Once again, it told us things that we already knew. Soooo pointless. I really hate narration that is redundant.

Grade: C


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