I rented this out of the “Red Box.” I don’t know if you have them or not but they are basically dvd kiosks in grocery stores and what not for a nightly rental fee of $1. So convenient and cheap. I do this every once in a while with the boys so they can get some kiddie movies.


The movie is loosely based on a true story. Apparently Domino Harvey was a real person and she makes an appearance at the end. Domino was the daughter of a movie actor, Laurence Harvey, and some how decides she hates everyone and decides to go to a Bounty Hunter seminar and manages to get a job with Ed (played by Mickey Rourke) and Choco (Edgar Ramirez.) This covers a period where Domino becomes popular and they get involved in a set up of Mafia boys and a casino owner. (Damn Stratosphere!) Domino is relating the story to an FBI agent. (Lucy Liu)

Choco is hawt in a scruffy kind of way. There is plenty of blood and shooting. Also for the guys, there are several boob shots – even Keira’s. Oh and they kidnap Ian (whatshisname)and Brian (whatshisname) from 90210. Hilarious when she breaks Brian’s nose.

I thought the movie entertaining enough – although kind of weirdly set up. At first it is kind of all over until all the stories come back together. But then they throw in this weird religious dude scene in which he gives her the meaning of her mission. It all comes together with lots of shooting, fire and blood.

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  • February 8, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    In the first scene, there is a quick panning of an RV where a hostages are being held, and I said, “Hey, is that 90210?” when I saw two guys. It turns out they were two guys from Beverly Hills 90210. I found that funny, and then I found it even funnier, when other people in the movie recognized them (they were playing themselves), they also referred to them as 90210. That might have been the most amusing part of the movie was making jokes about those two washed-up actors.

    The movie was filled with quick cuts and shown out of sequence, but it was more done just to be cool rather than having it be a cool effect. It was very distracting and most of the movie didn’t really make any sense. There really wasn’t much of a story besides a girl that was a bounty hunter. I guess it can be said there was a convoluted plot about a bank heist that went horribly wrong, and even though that takes up the beginning and the end of the movie, it still seems like an afterthought. The movie was all over the place to be very coherent. At one point, there is a side character who goes on Jerry Springer and blathers on about different races that now exist. I am usually patient when I see something that doesn’t seem to fit in with the movie, and wait for it to make sense, but I wasn’t patient. I asked out loud, “What does this have to do with the rest of the movie?” It never had anything to do with the rest of the movie. It was almost like we had changed channels in the middle of the movie and it just happened to have one character that was in the movie in the other show.

    After watching the movie, I went to see what was true and what wasn’t. No modeling agency has claimed that she ever worked for them, so she probably made that up. She was a bounty hunter in the ’90s, not in the ’00s like the movie made it seem. Choco never existed, but the main bounty hunter played by Mickey Rourke did. She was a bounty hunter for three years until he main guy quit. Then she went off to do other stuff. There was never a reality show about her, planned or otherwise. She had a bad drug addiction and she died from drugs just before the movie came out.

    Rating: C

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