The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Author: C.S. Lewis

Four English children stumbled across a wardrobe that takes them into the magical land of Narnia where the evil White Witch has turned the land into a neverending winter.

First book written in the Chronicles of Narnia, but the second one in the timeline.

I read the books when I was younger and bought a recent edition of the series a few years back. I didn’t start rereading them though until recently, and only because I knew a new movie was being made of series. I think I might have watched some old television movie of the books too, but it was all a vague memory. I remembered the book being bigger than it was and more things happening to it, but that could be the tv movie that I am remembering since it isn’t the other books. I remember them even less.

The children’s personalities aren’t really devled into too deeply. Most of the time is centered on Lucy and Edmund. I felt like I knew them and why they made the decisions they made. I never got a feel for Peter or Susan in the book. I was confused as to why Peter became the one to lead the big fight at the end except that he was the oldest. I am still not sure why Susan was around. She didn’t lend much to the story.

Everything in the book was leading up to a big fight scene between the good and evil forces, but then it was all over very quickly. I wish it could have been expanded since it seemed that was the main point. It was a tad anti-climatic, but still a good read up until it was over so quickly.

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