Based on the television series, Firefly, a motley crew that flies through the outskirts of space picking up odd jobs are trying to avoid The Alliance that is after one of their passengers.

The film is just like a big extended episode of Firefly, which isn’t a bad thing. The series was cancelled too soon, so it is nice to see more of it. Sometimes a television series that try to continue on as a film series don’t capture the same flair as the series, like The X-Files movie. This one captured all the same sense of humor and adventure that was present in the series, but it was on a higher scale and bigger screen. It was funny that there was an exciting opening sequence and then the credits started, just like on the small screen.

Film Title: Serenity.

The movie answered some questions that were left unanswered from the series ending too soon. It had some surprises that weren’t expected, but made total sense if you know the series. One doesn’t have to watch the series to follow the movie though. All the back stories can be picked up on quickly and any explanations are made without being too repetitive for those that did watch the series.

It was amusing to see how all the actors have changed in two years with some being skinnier and others filling out more, and all of them with slightly different haircuts. It was nice to see them all again. All of the cast had excellent chemistry on the show and that was still around two years later. The movie did give a sense of closure and also left an opening for more. And I do hope there is more.

Rating: A-

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