I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead


After living in seclusion for years, Clive Owen comes back to the rest of the world to find out how his brother died.

This movie was boring and dumb. The entire movie was a set up for some big finale that never happened. When it was over, I was thinking “Is that it? Is that what we were waiting for?”


The movie was like a set up yet it didn’t really introduce you to anyone. There was a guy that seemed to be a friend of the family, but I couldn’t tell if he was related or just a friend. There seemed to be a couple different groups of bad guys but not sure why we had to care who they were and why they were after Clive Owen or his brother. There was a mother who didn’t seem overly concerned that her son was dead and not too pleased to see her other son back in town. You were given the sense that Clive Owen was some badass before he went to hide in the woods of England, but never really told what made him decide to go out there.

There wasn’t really a good reason why his brother was attacked. The way Clive Owen found all this information out wasn’t too exciting and it didn’t take much effort. He would pretty much barely start talking to someone or threaten them and they would give up information. Nothing really tense going on.

Then there was the scene that you knew was coming, but I’m not sure why it was in the last 10 minutes of the movie. It was when Clive Owen cleaned himself up, shaved, brought out his Bentley to wash it and then take care of business. I’m not sure why he had to get his suit pressed before he went after the big bad guy who wasn’t really that big of a bad guy anyway. He could have done that when he started gathering information or just not at all. Why at the very end? What a waste.

I was about to fall asleep from boredom when the movie was finally over. I was really hoping there would be something cool in it, yet there was not.

Rating: D


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