Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Tim Burton does his version of the Roald Dahl children’s book with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka.

I loved this movie. I have never read the book, but I did see the original movie. I loved that too, but I thought this was better. Maybe it was because Gene Wilder freaks me out a little bit and Johnny Depp is just freakishly weird but in a good way. In the beginning, you are a bit weirded out by Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka, but then it just fits and you go with it.


Johnny Depp is awesome in the movie. His voice is so different in this film, but fits the character so well. It is higher pitched like someone that didn’t fully grow up from his childhood. He isn’t creepy like I thought he would be. He doesn’t necessarily like children so he has some hilarious comments about that.

There is an entire back story about Willy Wonka’s father that was cut from the original film, but explains a lot more about his character in this movie. It is also great when he starts to have a flashback. Depp makes a great face when that happens.

The oompas loompas are awesome. Some people that I saw the movie with didn’t like them. They wanted them just like they were in the original. I did like them in the original and I did miss their song, but they had new songs in this movie. I’m guessing Danny Elfman wrote them all for this one, so they are all catchy little tunes. The oompa loompas are all played by one guy, but he isn’t computer simulated over and over again. It looked like he was filmed multiple times doing the same song and dance step so it looks like it is just a bunch of guys that look alike.

Also, the scene with the squirrels is great. I had heard that they were actually trained squirrels since Tim Burton didn’t want to use computer animation for them. They looked real to me and they were super cute.

I watched the movie on an IMAX screen, which I was a tad concerned about. For most of the movie, it was fine and awesome seeing something so huge in front of me. Whenever there was a close-up though, it was quite alarming. I could see all the pores on Johnny Depp’s face. That was freaky.

Rating: A


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