Story of the Weeping Camel

In the Gobi Desert, one of the nomad’s camels gives birth to a rare white camel, which she rejects as soon as it is born.

I needed to see this movie because I love funny looking animals like camels and check out the face on the poster! You can’t pass that by.

What I think happened was some documentarians set out to document Mongols in the Gobi desert–to show how they live and how they do incorporate some modern devices like radios and televisions. Then the camel story came about so they decided to make a movie about that story. I’m glad they did since the rest of it might be interesting for them, but not so much for a movie.

The story picks up when all the camels are giving birth to colts. A new mother has the very last colt born. She has a difficult birth and then her colt comes out white when she is brown. She immediately rejects it. It’s so very sad. The camel does actually weep.

The rest of the movie shows how the nomads try to get the mother to love her colt so it can be fed from her and bond to her, like all the other mothers and colts. They also seek outside help for the situation.

The movie was quite slow, but it fit the movie. It is pretty easy to do something else while watching it though. It is subtitled, but there isn’t a lot of talking in the movie. We were really paying attention when the camels were on the screen and not so much when it was showing the tribe of people. They weren’t boring, but not as entertaining as the camels.

Finally, the camels are hilarious in general. They make really funny noises and faces all the time.

Rating: B+


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