Holly Hunter is mother to a young girl who starts using drugs, having sex, and doing all sorts of other bad things cuz of her new cool, bad friend. The friend was also the co-screenwriter of this movie, at the ripe old age of 14.

I expected this movie to be as horrifying to watch as Kids was. It is nowhere near as bad. I’m not sure what one would think of this movie if they had never seen Kids. It might scare parents about what thirteen-year-old girls can be like.


It was a pretty good story and Holly Hunter’s mom character was trying to be the cool mother/friend to her daughter, but that didn’t really work out when her daughter was going out of control. She needed an actual mother. It seemed like she would try that at times but then give up on it. Rachel Evan Wood is great as┬áthe main character, but then she’s been good since she was in Once and Again.

Finally, I’m not sure what the girls saw in the guys they went after. They weren’t even close to cute. Ick!

Rating: B


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