Val Kilmer and William H. Macy are detectives assigned to rescue the president’s kidnapped daughter. In the process, they find out about another crime happening within the White House.

The trailer must have been misleading to cause me to think William H. Macy was in the movie very much. I think he was in one or two scenes total. This movie didn’t explain too much that was going on. I never heard them say it was the president’s daughter and you never saw the president.


I thought this movie was horrible, stupid and boring. We stopped ourselves from fast-forwarding through it or stopping it, but after watching it all, that wouldn’t have been a bad thing. I read some critic reviews talking about the sharp dialogue. I must have been deaf to miss it all, but nothing stood out to me. I am blaming the script and director (same guy) for making Val Kilmer into a horrible actor. I’ve seen him act before. I know he can do it, but he sounded like a guy up in his first role in a movie. He was saying his lines with no emotion whatsoever.

You could make this movie into a drinking game of anyone that hung out with Val Kilmer’s character too long will end up dead. Then you drink. We tried to warn some people in the movie, but they didn’t listen.

There is a supposed twist of the other crime happening, but you can guess what it is. When the movie is trying to make you think everything is done and tied up, it is only half over, so you know something else has to happen to make it continue or it might be only an hour long movie. Just another reason why the movie is lame.

Rating: F

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