Four people, two couples and a lot of intermingle over the course of four years. Starring Jude Law, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman, and Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts bugs me. She didn’t used to, but she has bugged very much in the past few years. Her character was supposed to be played by Cate Blanchett, but she got pregnant or something like that and dropped out. Julia Roberts took her place. I really wish it was Cate Blanchett instead.

Beyond not liking her, I did like this movie. After it was over, I found out that it was a play. That made sense since there was so much talking. Everyone was always talking with one another and trying to analyze what was going on with each other. There was also a lot of talk about sex in the movie, yet we never got to see any sex. I think the audience got screwed in that end of the deal.

Months and years passed with each scene, and I liked the way time passing would be introduced. There werent titles on the screen saying “six months” or “a year later”. It would be in the conversation about how someone hadn’t seen someone else in six months, or something happened a year ago (and that was the last scene that was shown). I’m guessing that was also left over from the play since there was no screen to show how time passed.

I also learned that Clive Owen was in the original play version and he played the character that Jude Law played. I’m sure he did a fabulous job of being the younger slimy guy, but they thought he was too old for that role and needed to play the older doctor guy. I think Clive and Jude look around the same age to me, but what do I know. According to IMDB, Clive is 8 years older. Speaking of Jude Law’s character, after watching Alfie and then this movie, I’m seeing a trend between him cheating and his real life. Bad Jude Law!

As a side note, Jer started watching this movie and declared it boring a third of the way through. He got up and played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas instead. He missed Natalie Portman’s stripping scene.

Rating: B+

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