Pieces of April


Katie Holmes is the girl that couldn’t wait to get out of the suburbs. She is determined to make Thanksgiving dinner for her estranged parents in her tiny Lower East Side New York apartment where everything that could go wrong does.

Katie Holmes is good in this movie. She doesn’t make that weird ass grin that she has. She’s pretty depressed most of the movie or just fed up with everything that’s going wrong and the fact that her family is coming to visit.


She’s making them Thanksgiving dinner in her very tiny, sleazy apartment. Her family live out somewhere else in either upper New York or New Jersey or someplace where they have to drive a few hours to get there. None of them seem to want to come. Well, her dad and her brother do, but her mom or sister would rather forget she ever existed.

We learn why the dinner is taking place and what the issues are between Katie Holmes and her mom. It comes out slowly in the movie, so I don’t want to give the entire plot away. I didn’t really buy that Katie Holmes’ character was so awful growing up that her family made her out to be since she doesn’t seem so awful now. Either she did a lot of growing up or she just doesn’t have the range as an actress to show someone that has a hint of meanness in her. Her boyfriend in the movie is awesome. He’s just very cute with her and wanting everything to be perfect for her parents because he knows how much it means to her.

Finally, Jack from Will & Grace is in the movie as a creepy guy with a funny Pug dog.

Rating: B-


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