Batman Begins


Chris Nolan, who directed Memento, is taking charge of this interpretation of how Christian Bale became Batman.

I really enjoyed this movie. I liked seeing how he decided to become Batman than the rushed feeling that the previous movies gave us where it just jumped right into him fighting crime. There was a bit more going on here.


I loved the sense of humor in the movie where he was rude to the rich snobs and the newspaper headlines about him being a drunken millionaire. It was great. Michael Caine as Alfred was perfect. I always liked Alfred best, no matter what version of the movie I am watching so it was good to continue liking him.

Morgan Freeman was also very cool in his role of Q from James Bond. Oh wait, wrong movie but that’s pretty much what he did–give Batman toys.

It was weird seeing Gary Oldman playing Commissioner Gordan except he’s not a Commissioner yet. He was just a detective when we see him in the movie and he’s also pretty timid. It’s very different role than what I am used to see him play. He’s usually a bad guy or just psycho so it was nice to see him playing something different and pulling it off.

The bad guys in the movie aren’t the major part of the movie, but they are there. I don’t want to give too much away with the bad guys but they are cool.

Finally, if anyone is a fan of the band James, the lead singer Tim Booth is in the movie in a non-speaking role. He’s in the courtroom at the beginning of the movie. I recognized the guy but couldn’t place him. Then there is a long close-up on his face later on when he’s about to attack a kid. That’s when I recognized him. Afterwards, I had to watch all the credits until I saw his name to see if I was right and I was! It was so odd that he was in the movie too.

P.S. Katie Holmes is in the movie too and she was mildly annoying in it. He needs to get a better girlfriend.

Rating: A

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