Don Cheadle is a psychologist at a mental health center for young adults. Joseph Gordan-Levitt is the lead angry guy.

I had a feeling that this movie would have a good premise, but be too predictable. I actually really enjoyed it. Don Cheadle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel were all excellent.


Almost everyone in the center is very, very angry and you get to learn why each one has problems. Some get better and some don’t. It isn’t happy endings for a lot of people. The main guy thinks he doesn’t need to be there and you get to watch him resist it while others accept that they need to be there. I liked that you were able to see Cheadle’s character get frustrated and wonder if he’s actually making a difference in these kids’ lives.

The ending you could see coming a bit, but I’m glad it ended that way or it would make the movie seem like it had no point.

Rating: B+

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