A college admissions officer runs across an application of someone striking a strong resemblance to her high-school sweetheart and true love that died 20 years earlier.

I enjoyed this movie but it seemed a tad short. It was a nice, sweet story that was very romantic without being sappy. Jer had a different opinion. He said that he really didn't want to watch miserable people living their miserable lives. Aw, the fun of different views on the same exact movie! hahaha. I thought they were overcoming their bad choices and getting on with being happy, but he disagreed.

The way the movie seemed short was that it just kinda ended as if it didn't know where else to go with the story. It gave you a hint of what was to come, but there is so much more to a story of someone who is 39 being attracted to a grad student. That wasn't really explored.

It's probably good it ended when it did though or Jer might have killed something. I do have to agree that the music in this movie was horrible. It was soft, contemporary crap music that made me want to strangle someone. They could have used good music that would have fit the mood just the same. I think that is why Jer really hated the movie. The bad music sunk into his subconscious.

Rating: B-

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