Young Adam

Ewan McGregor buddies up with a guy so he can sleep with his wife. Scandalous!

How disappointing that a movie filled with Ewan McGregor having sex many times over could be so completely boring. There's a mystery about a dead woman found floating in a Scottish river, but it isn't really a mystery. Even when you find out what happened and how someone else is blamed for it, you just don't care.

Ewan McGregor works on a barge with a married couple and starts an affair with the wife. Lord knows why since she is beyond scary and not attractive at all. I couldn't wait for him to get bored and leave. When he finally does, he apparently makes it a habit to sleep with married women. None of the women seem conflicted about the affairs either. They all seemed bored to death. Everyone seems bored in this movie, including me.

P.S. There are better nude shots of Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine than this movie. He sure does like to be completely naked in movies, but no one is complaining about it.

Rating: D

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