Coffee & Cigarettes


A bunch of short pieces of film starring actors, musicians, and other famous people as themselves at times and characters at other times all discussing anything over coffee and cigarettes.

This movie was disappointing. I have liked Jim Jarmusch’s other films before. They usually consist of a lot of talking and not much action, but I find them entertaining. This was in the same vein, but most of the talking bored me to death, even when it contained people I liked.


I could have done without the first half of the “movie”. Each little scene consists of people talking about coffee and cigarettes and then usually something else. The beginning bits were boring. Roberto Benigni and Steven Wright talk. I love Steven Wright, but it was dumb. Steve Buscemi is in the next one with a twin brother and sister and it’s also dumb. Iggy Pop and Tom Waits were next and were awkward and dumb.

It continues on with some other people I don’t know until Cate Blanchett. She’s in a scene opposite herself. She’s playing herself and her cousin. She’s awesome. I kept forgetting it was the same person so she’s a great actress. After that it was Meg and Jack White from the White Stripes. Their bit is pretty funny and they play off each other better since they know each other. The next one is my favorite with Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan. It is just really funny after a pretty slow build up that you think is going to suck, but ends up being great. The second to last bit, and the last good part, is GZA and RZA with Bill Murray. Very goofy and funny.

The last scene is with two old guys and is boring and dumb. I think you can quit watching after Bill Murray.

I’d give the movie a higher score if it had more bits like the last half, but the first part was just awful.

Rating: C


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