Super Size Me

A healthy man eats nothing but McDonalds for 30 days and almost dies.

This was an awesome movie/documentary/whatever. I’m glad that we weren’t eating while we were watching, like we usually do when we watch movies. I am also glad that we decided to buy a bunch of healthy food the day before, so I didn’t feel guilty after watching this movie.

It is a major eye-opener, even if you think you know about how bad fast food is. There is stuff you don’t know. No doctor thought this guy would have so many problems by survinging on this food for 30 days. Also, I know no one eats this junk every day for every meal, but I know half of my work that eats fast food multiple days a week for lunch and/or dinner. I know I’ve been that bad at times. Oh boy!

Everyone should see this movie.

Rating: A

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