Halle Berry is a criminal psychologist who wakes up in the mental institution where she works, with no memory of a murder that she has been accused of committing. There is also a spirit haunting her and Penelope Cruz is in there somewhere.

I knew the reviews for this movie said it was dumb, but I thought it would be a creepy, jumpy, slightly scary movie. It was just dumb. There were parts that you could tell were supposed to make you jump, but they didn’t. Having a ghost girl walking funny isn’t creepy. The directing wasn’t well done or else it could have seemed a lot scarier that it was. The movie spent too much time trying to be spooky and less time on the actual plot. If you don’t want to know too much of the plot, don’t read on, but I don’t think I give too much away.


Here is the movie plot: Halle Berry is a psychologist, she drives home in a storm, runs off the road instead of into this half-naked girl in the road, wakes up in the psychiatric hospital where she worked before, then she breaks free running around the hospital and spinning around trying to chase the spirit, everyone thinks she’s insane, more spinning, more running, more spooky girl sightings, Robert Downey Jr. is in the movie for no good reason, more spinning, more running, more spooky girl sightings, figures out why spooky girl is chasing her and the end.

We guessed the reason behind the spooky girl sighting around the time she went crazy, which is about 30 minutes into the movie. We even guessed the so-called twist so we had to put up with tons of spinning and running to get to what we already knew. Even with the explanation of why the spirit was spooking her, it was left hanging that she murdered someone. Are people going to believe that spooky girl made her do it?

Random thoughts:

  • Halle Berry slipped and fell right on her butt during one of her running escapades – very funny.
  • The institution had high-tech locks but lighting that would go out every three seconds. I think I would have a migraine if I worked there.
  • I think it was always night in the movie.

Rating: D

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