Swimming Pool

A London writer goes to her editor's house in the south of France to relax, but then his daughter shows up to wreck havoc. And then there is a murder involved somewhere.

This movie starts out very slow. Jer said about three times within the first 30 minutes that the movie was boring and lame. Then the daughter shows up and she has issues. It is still pretty slow going but stuff finally starts to happen. There is a twist at the end that makes you go, "Hey!" but not enough to completely save the movie.

After one of the times that Jer said the movie sucked, I said it wasn't as bad as 8 Women. He agreed with that. After the movie and credits were over, there was a bit on the cable channel about the director of the movie. It turns out he was the same director that made 8 Women! hahaha. The two movies were completely different, but I'm pretty sure Jer hates the director guy, even with the young girl in the movie being topless through most of it.

Rating: C+

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