American Splendor

American Splendor

Biopic about Harvey Pekar, the author of the American Splendor comic book series.

I heard this movie was really good even though it didn’t reach out and grab me as overall interesting looking when it was released. It was pretty good and entertaining but not completely awe-inspiringly wonderful. I think I’m making up words there.

Paul Giamatti was awesome. He totally became Harvy Pekar. Hope Davis was awesome as his wife too. She sounded just like her. How do I know all of this? Because the real people were in the movie too. Harvey narrates it at times and then it shows you when they are filming him reading his narration and just wandering around complaining in general. It was quite amusing.

I think my favorite parts were with his friend Toby. He was borderline austistic and self-proclaimed nerd. There were scenes where he talks about Revenge of the Nerds coming out that is hilarious. Other times it shows the real Harvey and Toby talking in between takes of their narration parts and you can see Paul Giamatti in the background cracking up at how they interact with each other. That’s funny.

The movie pretty much follows Harvey’s life from when he started making comic books to when he finally retires from his file clerk job that he never quit, even when he became semi-famous from his comics and appearances on David Letterman. He never made enough to quit his job so he worked until retirement age. There isn’t much more to the story than that, so it’s a little funny film about a grumpy guy.

I fell asleep the last five minutes of the movie because I’m a dork.

Rating: B+

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