Based on the true story of a legendary Australian criminal who wrote a best-selling autobiography in prison while serving a murder sentence.

Eric Bana is the guy that played The Hulk and Hector in Troy. He’s famous in Australia as a comedian. I didn’t know that. Anyway, this movie came out in 2000 in Australia and 2001 here. I can’t remember where I kept hearing about this movie, but I did somewhere so it ended up on my Netflix list.


This guy is completely insane starting from when he is in prison. I missed a bit of what was going on in the beginning since I was getting used to the Australian accents. It has some dragging parts and then picks up when violent stuff happens. There is a lot of blood in this movie.

At some points, it is hard to tell what is real and what is made up since when Chopper relays stories about what happens, he changes things so did he kill someone or did somebody else? He claims he only ever hurt the scum of the earth but it isn’t like he was pure himself. His reasoning is interesting at times.

After watching the movie, I did some research to see if the guy was still alive. He was at the time and he had a website. Reading it, he sounds just like the character in the movie so Eric Bana did a good job.

Rating: B-

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