Paul Bettany was a rising tennis star that has been going downhill and he’s about to retire after playing Wimbledon one more time. Kirsten Dunst is an up-and-coming tennis star who goes after him and improves his game in the process.

I’m not a big romantic comedy fan. Well, I like good romantic comedies, but most of them really suck. I thought this would fall in the sucky category, but I like Paul Bettany. Sometimes I like Kirsten Dunst and other times she annoys me. She was okay here. I think Paul Bettany helped me like the movie more than I might have.

It did have predictable parts, but the chemistry between the two of them was good. I liked seeing them together. When they had their little spats, I was hoping they would get back together. I watched this on a Saturday morning right after waking up and I really think that is the best time to see it. You aren’t really with it and it is all fluffy. It was cute though.

Rating: B-

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